ADEME has compiled a series of publications devoted to case studies and experience around the world in order to bring local authorities examples of best practices and methodologies.

This volume is devoted to the monitoring and evaluation of adaptation policies. Prior to setting up a monitoring and evaluation system the local authority must define its objectives and the desired outcomes for this process. This report presents the main guiding principles to be followed, and gives examples of four evaluation processes, supplemented by four families of monitoring indicators.

Local authorities are encouraged to read this report to find initial information that is pertinent to their own territories.

There is a French version.

This document was initially prepared as an aid for local authorities in France, especially directors in charge of cross-cutting policies, evaluation managers and technical managers of climate plans. It is not so much a methodological guide as a resource based on international experience (as available at mid-May 2011), to be used in developing an M&E methodology. The practices mentioned herein have been adapted to the needs of local authorities working on a territorial climate and energy plan.

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ADEME, French Environment and Energy Management Agency

Published in Climate-ADAPT Jul 12, 2016   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Apr 4, 2024

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