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ROADAPT: Guidelines for adaptation of road infrastructure to climate change


The Roadapt (Roads for today adapted for tomorrow) project provided in 2015 a set of guidelines for the preparation of adaptation strategies by road network administrations. The guidelines cover the basic steps, from climate change projections, to vulnerability and socio-economic assessments. 


A. Guideline on the use of climate change projections (Part I and Part II) - This document gives background information and guidelines for tailored and consistent climate data and information for studies on the impact of the current and future climate for transnational road networks in Europe.

B. Guideline on the application of a QuickScan on climate change risks for roads - The objective of the Quick scan is a first (quick) estimate of the major risks associated with weather conditions both in the current climate and in the future, together with an action plan for adaptation. 

C. Guideline on how to perform a detailed vulnerability assessment - The objective is to describe efficient existing tools for assessing vulnerabilities within road networks, with a focus on networks managed by National Road Authorities and specifically TEN-T Network roads. 

D. Guideline on how to perform a socio economic impact assessment - The report contains details on how to perform a socio-economic impact assessment of the consequences of weather events. It has been considered that the travel time is the main key indicator for impact assessment.

E. Guideline on how to come to an adaptation strategy - Part E of the ROADAPT guidelines presents an overview of adaptation measures and helps in selecting an adaptation strategy. The selection of the adaptation strategies follows a 10 step approach that can be applied to various climate change threats. 


Three case studies were carried out for validation and demonstration purposes, and their results are also available:

- A24 in Portugal, 

- Rotterdam-Ruhr corridor 

- Öresund region.


ROADAPT also developed a database with more than 500 adaptation measures: the Database of Adaptation Techniques.


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CEDR (European Conference of Directors of Roads)

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