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UITP Guidance on urban rail, climate change and resilience


This guidance has been produced by the International Public Transport Union (UITP). Its purpose is to focus on concrete measures that have been implemented among rail companies affiliated to UITP, as many of which have been confronted with major climate change related disruption and damages in the last 10-15 years. A survey was designed to gather information about potential impacts on different subsystems of rail infrastructure, possible measures to avoid disastrous effect in future and measures to quickly restore systems back to normal conditions in case of damage.

The report consists of two main sections, one providing general preparation and preparedness recommendations prior to any extreme weatherevent, and the other offering a list of restoration and protective measures broken down by railway sub-systems

The project is based on the answers to a questionnaire, provided by 15 companies, most of them from European cities. The answers pointed out potential hazards and measures based on these companies' experience in handling such situations and in their common practices. Most of the respondents were found aware of potential risks associated with climate change, measures to avoid adverse effects on rail infrastructure and quick restoration of system after damage. The feedback shows, some respondents are already practising some measures and some are planning to implement measures in order to avoid climate effects. The crucial step in implementation is to prioritise the tasks according to potential risks and impact severity on overall system. A better communication between different stakeholders helps authorities doing better risk assessment and planning to handle adverse situations. In short, the overall feedback received and literature reviews helped UITP compile a generic list of measures that can be followed by every company according to their geographic conditions and potential risks.


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