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Joint HELCOM/Baltic Earth Expert Network on Climate Change (EN-CLIME)


EN-CLIME, a joint expert network by HELCOM and Baltic Earth, functions as a coordinating framework and a platform to harness the expertise of leading scientists on both direct and indirect effects of climate change on the Baltic Sea environment, and to make this expertise available to, and open up for closer dialogue with, policy makers. The EN CLIME consists of representatives of HELCOM and Baltic Earth in the form of topic experts.

The overall scope of the group is to facilitate the regional cooperation in relation to climate change and its impacts, including transferring quality assured science to end users, and to provide clear guidance on the level of confidence in information which is presented. The work can also vicariously support the identification of knowledge gaps and identification of possible future research priorities. The main goal is to condense the large body of scientific research into a form that is directly utilizable in developing HELCOM core indicators, updating and implementing Baltic Sea Action Plan, and in preparation of future HELCOM Assessments on climate change.


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