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Climate Adaptation Platform for the Alps (CAPA)


The Climate Adaptation Platform for the Alps:

  • supports decision-makers in Alpine countries, regions and municipalities in adapting to climate change;
  • gives access to knowledge resources and information that have been selected by experts based on relevance and usefulness criteria
  • offers knowledge products for a broad spectrum of administrative and socio-economic sectors (agriculture, energy, health, water management, spatial planning, etc.)
  • puts strong emphasis on cross-sectorial aspects of adaptation

The platform provides resources about:

  • Future climate (scenarios, projections)
  • Climate impacts, vulnerabilities and risks
  • Adaptation policies (national and regional adaptation strategies, sectorial adaptation policy documents, meta-analytical studies and policy reviews)
  • Adaptation options (strategic directions, actions, measures)
  • Tools (assessment methods, decision-support, guidelines, manuals, information portals)
  • Adaptation in practice (practice examples of adaptation measures, case studies)

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Published in Climate-ADAPT Jul 09 2021   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Sep 10 2022

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