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The Climate Atlas North Rhine-Westphalia offers a comprehensive set of maps displaying the current and future possible climate scenarios for many climate parameters as well as climate impact maps covering flood hazard risk or heat load in urban areas, just to name a few.

Complementary to the online map application the portal provides a vast set of indicators covering time series from 16 sectors including health and planning. The Climate Atlas North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) has been released in November 2022 after three years of development.

Based on a user centered design process, the focus for the Climate Atlas NRW lies clearly on the easy access of information and data with greatest data transparency possible. 

Three main sections allow the user to access at different sources of information:

  1. A selection of climate maps are available at an introductional level for interested users who are not familiar with the depths of climate data (only in original language).
  2. Climate maps for professionals area also availbale for who desire to check all vast maps and datasets provided by the LANUV NRW at once (only in original language).
  3. A section on Climate Impact and Climate Adaptation Monitoring NRW allows exploring more than 70 timeseries about climate change and its impacts an nature, environment and society (only in original language).

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Published in Climate-ADAPT Aug 08 2023   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Aug 17 2023

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