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ClimateImpactsOnline.com – the internet portal which enables you to investigate the impacts of climate change on Germany by means of your computer.

You can view a wide range of parameters, such as temperatures, crop yields, or the risk of forest fires. Data is available for the period 1901-2010 (observed data), and 2011-2100 (simulated data). The parameters chosen are displayed as a colour map of Germany. Two integrated zoom steps lead you to more detailed presentations of the federal states or districts.

In order to speed up the release of the English version of this web portal, diagrams and tables are still labeled in German momentarily.

This website offers information on numerous interesting parameters, e. g., climate parameters like temperature or precipitation, or data on climate change impacts, like agricultural yields or ground water recharge. Parameters are grouped into sectors: climate, agriculture, forestry, hydrology, and tourism/energy. You can choose a sector using the buttons shown above. The parameters within a sector are displayed to the right of the sector buttons. Choose a parameter by mouse click. Depending on screen width, additional parameters might be displayed in the “More” menu.

Numerous individual studies on climate impacts in Germany have been prepared by various institutions. These studies differ by aim, region and time period of interest. The goal of KlimafolgenOnline is to present the regional impacts of global climate change on the hydrology, agriculture, forest, energy, tourism and health sectors.

The results as prepared by the Potsdam-Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) are available at multiple scales in space and time. By using a standardized foundation, this approach will enable a new level of synthesis describing the interactions between sectors. The information provided by the KlimafolgenOnline portal is available to users free of cost. The information provides the basis for specific adaptation options in the individual sectors.

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