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The Climate Innovation Window (CIW) aims to be a reference portal for innovations on climate change adaptation. It was developed under the frame of BRIGAID, a H2020 funded project and afterwards embedded in the work of the project’s spinoff, BRIGAID CONNECT Association. The CIW aims to bridge the gap between problem owners and solution providers by promoting innovations which cover a wide array of climate adaptation issues and areas.

Within the ARSINOE project, the platform has been updated to transform the climate solutions’ directory into a specialized platform where climate adaptation stakeholders such as innovators, end-users and investors can meet each other’s needs. By capturing the untapped green innovation potential from EU start-ups and institutions and the deficit in commercialization and dissemination across problem owners, the Climate Innovation Window (CIW) aims to create a marketplace to bridge needs and solutions in the field of climate adaptation.

The Climate Innovation Window enables users to browse the innovations database by issues-hazards (coastal floods, droughts, heatwaves, heavy precipitation, river foods, pluvial floods, storms, wildfires and multi-hazards, etc.), areas (agriculture, energy, forestry, biodiversity, urban areas, etc.) and solutions (education, governance, models & tools, nature-based solutions, etc.). The maturity of each innovation is assessed through the Technical Readiness Level (TRL), a scale consisting of nine levels where each level characterizes the progress in the development of the innovation, from the initial idea (Level 1) to the full uptake of the product into the marketplace (Level 9). The users can unlock tailor made solutions according to their needs using the portal’s filtering options and elaborate on the distinct characteristics of each innovation. Innovators are encouraged to provide all relevant information that will increase their visibility and market penetration through a well-designed easy 6-step process before publishing their innovative solution. The platform will always safeguard the innovator’s Intellectual property.

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BRIGAID project. BRIGAID CONNECT Association. BRIGAID Connect is a non-profit collective of experts in climate, economics, finance, business,and design. We create communities that link innovators in our network with institutions,companies, and activists to build actionable solutions that drive positive environmental, economic, social, and cultural impact.

Published in Climate-ADAPT Mar 14 2018   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Nov 30 2023

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