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Climate scan is an interactive web-based map application for international knowledge exchange on 'blue-green' projects around the globe. It focuses mainly on the topics surrounding the areas of urban resilience, climate proofing and climate adaptation.

Over the past few years, more and more adaptive measures for climate change are being implemented by urban areas worldwide. The objective of climate scan is international knowledge exchange on climate adaptation projects through an interactive web-based application.

This global online tool guides users through many brilliant and innovative projects around the world and introduces them to local initiatives. Users can access projects by consulting an interactive map or selecting a specific topic (water, heat, nature, air quality and energy).

The project is coordinated by the Hanze University of Applied Sciences of the Netherlands involving over 100 active participants around the world (both public and private stakeholders). The tool is used in various international workshops and projects and meets the demands of various stakeholders.

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Published in Climate-ADAPT Mar 18 2020   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Nov 01 2022

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