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Copernicus is the Earth observation component of the European Union’s Space programme, looking at our planet and its environment to benefit all European citizens. Copernicus includes six operational Services covering the whole Earth System (including ocean, land, atmosphere) and key horizontal domains (including climate change, emergency and security). The Copernicus Services transform a wealth of satellite and ground-based measurements into value-added information by processing and analysing the products. All information is provided with an open and free data policy to help public national and European authorities, policy makers, international organisations and service providers to improve the quality of life of European citizens.

To facilitate the use of Copernicus information by different user communities, several thematic hubs have been created or are under development. One of the operational hubs is the Copernicus Health Hub, which focusses on supporting the health community. The Health Hub brings together all Copernicus' environmental data and products pertinent to Health, including that related to physical health, mental health and well-being. By providing access to product catalogues, supporting documentation and inspirational use case stories, the Health Hub guides users in the health domain to make better use of the available information. 

The Health Hub enables its users to access among others resources related to extreme temperatures, air quality, vector-borne diseases, water-related diseases, pollen and natural disasters, which all have a link to climate change. Information is based on historic reanalysis datasets, future climate projections or seasonal forecasts. Use cases feature among others

  • anticipation of the effects of climate change on public health in the Mediterranean
  • urban heat islands and heat-related mortality
  • how changes in thermal stress will impact lives in the future


Reference information

Copernicus Climate Change Service and Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service

Published in Climate-ADAPT Oct 21 2020   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Apr 04 2024

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