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The Global Heat Health Information Network was created to help rapidly scale up efforts to manage the complex human health risks introduced by extreme and increasing ambient heat, and to harmonize and improve information and opportunity sharing across the emerging local communities of health professionals, decision makers and scientists motivated to address this issue.

The Network is working toward five common goals:   

  1.  to urgently improve awareness of the disaster that increasing extreme heat pose to human health, wellbeing, and productivity worldwide;  
  2.  to catalyze and sustain interdisciplinary partnerships and co-learning between research and practitioners across relevant government, academic, private sector and civil society actors;   
  3.  to synthesize and advance science and technology available for decision-making and risk reduction across sectors and time scales;   
  4.  to improve access to expert resources and opportunities for learning, exchange, and engagement;  
  5.  to identify and accelerate action to address critical gaps in research, knowledge and practice. 

The Network includes a large searchable Library of relevant resources. National and subnational heat health action plans and case studies can also be accessed through a map viewer.



Reference information

The Global Heat Health Information Network
World Health Organization
World Meteorological Organization

Published in Climate-ADAPT Jan 12 2021   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Dec 06 2022

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