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Western Norway Research Institute (WRNI) (Vestlandsforsking)’s Adaptation Training Web Resources

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The EU Northern Peripheries Programme (NPP)’s Clim-ATIC project ran from 2008 to 2011, and produced a wide collection of knowledge, lessons and experience from the participating countries (Greenland, Finland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden), including some training materials.

Based on that experience, a “training for adaptation web resource” has been developed by Western Norway Research Institute (WRNI) (Vestlandsforsking).

The WRNI training course provides four modules: (1) Analysing Climate Vulnerability; (2) Developing Adaptation Strategies; (3) Implementing Adaptation Measures; (4) Evaluating Strategies and Measures. Each module includes several presentations, and a useful list of links and resources. These modules are backed by additional sections providing an introduction and guidance notes, and some thoughts on stakeholder engagement, tacking climate skepticism, and “adaptation, sustainability and transformative communities”. Notes for trainers are also provided.


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Western Norway Research Institute (WRNI) (Vestlandsforsking)

Published in Climate-ADAPT Jun 07 2016   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Aug 30 2023

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