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The Ocean and Climate Platform is the result of an alliance between nongovernmental organizations and research institutes. It brings together more than 70 organizations – including NGOs, research institutions, foundations, museums, private sector entities, national institutions and international agencies with the aim to promote scientific expertise and advocate ocean-climate issues to policymakers and the great public.

Drawing on its expertise, the Platform supports decision-makers in need of scientific information and guidance in the implementation of public policies. The Platform also meets a need expressed by the scientific community, as well as by representatives of the private sector and civil society: that of a forum for exchanging and reflecting, a space where ocean and climate actors can build a common and holistic approach to the challenge of protecting marine ecosystems and fighting climate change.

Ocean & Climate Platform was created in 2014 in the run-up to COP 21 and the negotiations of the Paris Agreement (2015). Its main objective is to advocate “a healthy ocean for a protected climate”.

In 2019, Ocean & Climate Platform  published a policy document with the main objective of advocating “a healthy ocean for a protected climate”. This document not only aims at promoting an understanding of the major challenges of the global ocean, and therefore our planet, are facing; it also presents concrete solutions and measures, based on the latest available science, to preserve the ocean, its biodiversity and the climate.

Structured around the 4 main challenges that are mitigation, adaptation, science and sustainable finance, these policy recommendations, resulting from the collaboration of an international network of more than 70 members, are addressed to all policymakers and stakeholders negotiating and working on climate change and for the conservation of the ocean and its ecosystems.

Recommendations include the promotion of the development of innovative adaptation strategies to protect and restore coastal and ocean ecosystems and the design of relevant action plans to implement these solutions.

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