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Policy overview 2014-2020 –EU rural development Programme(s)


In line with Europe 2020, which indicates that future economic growth in the EU should be smart, sustainable and inclusive, and with the overall CAP objectives  three long-term strategic objectives can be identified for EU rural development policy in the 2014-2020 period:


* improving the competitiveness of agriculture;

* the sustainable management of natural resources and climate action; 

* a balanced territorial development of rural areas.


Through Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) these broad objectives are given more detailed expression in 6 priorities:


1. Fostering knowledge transfer in agriculture, forestry and rural areas

2. Enhancing the competitiveness of all types of agriculture and enhancing farm viability

3. Promoting food chain organisation and risk management in agriculture

4. Restoring, preserving and enhancing ecosystems dependent on agriculture and forestry

5. Promoting resource efficiency and supporting the shift toward a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy in agriculture, food and forestry sectors

6. Promoting social inclusion, poverty reduction and economic development in rural areas

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