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weADAPT is SEI’s pioneering, user-led platform and network for climate change adaptation. For 15 years, weADAPT has been bringing together a dynamic, global community of people and organizations involved with adaptation research, policy and practice. People in the weADAPT network share experience, lessons, case studies, guidance and tools on the frontier of adaptation issues and actions.

The collaborative platform on climate adaptation weADAPT includes a Map of Case Studies to locate who is doing what and where in the field of adaptation to climate variability and change. This tool allows users to geographically explore case studies and projects by key terms or by weADAPT themes or networks.

weADAPT has 22 themes covering a wide range of adaptation topics. These are co-edited by a range of people and organizations. Many themes contain subcategories of important topics. Cross-cutting topics are linked through keywords. Some featured themes are:

  1. Climate, Food Security and Agriculture
  2. Climate Change Adaptation in Mountains
  3. Vulnerability
  4. Human Mobility
  5. Gender and Social Equality
  6. Climate Finance
  7. Nature-based Solutions
  8. Adaptation Decision Making
  9. Using Climate Information

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Published in Climate-ADAPT Jun 07 2016   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Sep 10 2022

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