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Adaptation and mitigation measures to climate change in the Ebro Delta (LIFE EBRO-ADMICLIM)


The LIFE EBRO-ADMICLIM project will implement a number of climate change adaptation and mitigation pilot actions in the Ebro Delta, an area vulnerable to sea level rise and subsidence. It will implement an integrated approach to the management of water, sediment and habitats (rice fields and wetlands), with the aims of optimising ground elevation (through inputs of inorganic sediment and organic matter), reducing coastal erosion, increasing the accumulation (sequestration) of carbon in the soil, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving water quality.

The project aims to establish guidelines for a programme of adaptation and mitigation measures with emphasis on the rice sector. It will be essential to design a strategy for voluntary reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that has the rice sector's support. Improved rates of carbon sequestration through a change in management practices (for example, more efficient water management) could represent a significant improvement that could be applied in other coastal wetlands and rice fields in the EU.

Project information


IRTA - Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries, Contact person: Josep Carles IBAÑEZ MARTÍ Tel: 34977745427 Fax: 34977744138 Email: carles.ibanez@irta.cat



ICC (Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya), Spain

ACA (Agència Catalana de l’Aigua), Spain

CRSAE (Comunidad de Regantes y Sindicato Agrícola del Ebro), Spain

UCO (Universidad de Córdoba), Spain

OCCC (Oficina Catalana del Canvi Climàtic), Spain

IGC (Institut Geològic de Catalunya), Spain

Source of funding

LIFE13 ENV/ES/001182 Total budget 2,260,960.00 € EU contribution 1,124,341.00 €

Published in Climate-ADAPT Oct 18 2016   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Dec 12 2023

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