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Adaptation to flood risk in the LABE-ELbe river basin (LABEL)

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The flood hazard areas in the Elbe river basin were increasingly determined after the flood event of 2002 and communicated to the broad public. Risk information embedded in instruments of spatial planning will serve as basis for sustainable development in the Elbe river basin. Here protection from floods plays a decisive role. Besides the new risk-preventive requirements for spatial planning, the current land-use planning must be adapted to the flood risk. With the provision of risk information and its implementation into the relevant planning the attractive and sustainable development of the economically important Elbe region will be assured. Among others the challenges of climate change and new strategies for adaptation provide opportunities for the development of the regions. The following results are of great importance to both central Europe and the Elbe river basin:
* Common strategy for the standardization of risk management systems and instruments;
* Recommendations for the implementation of flood risk maps in spatial planning, taking into account the pollution problem;
* Custom calculations and preparation of flood maps and risk maps visualized with water levels;
* Development of a transnational strategy for climate / flood risk-adjusted development (selected sectors, e.g. tourism, shipping);
* An international partnership for flood protection: local exchange and formation of a joint panel of experts;
* Exemplary implementation of the developed results in pilot studies.

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Saxon State Ministry of the Interior (DE) Andreas Kühl


* Ministry of State Development and Transport (DE) * SMI-Saxon State Ministry of the Interior * Ministry of State Development and Transport, Saxony-Anhalt * Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Nature Preservation of the Free State of Thuringia * Saxon State Ministry of the Environment and Agriculture * Saxon State Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Geology * County of Ludwigslust-Parchim * German Federal Institute for Hydrology * Association for Housing, Urban and Spatial Development e.V. * Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic * Ústi Region * Region of South Bohemia * Pilsen Region * Hradec Králové Region * Central Bohemia Region * Liberec Region * Pardubice Region * Elbe River Basin Authority * Vltava River Basin Authority * Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt- und Wasserwirtschaft * Middle-Tisza district Environment and Water Directorate

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