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Pan-European Urban Climate Service (PUCS / Climate-fit.city)


Urban areas are very vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, because of the high concentration of people, infrastructure, and economic activity, but also because cities tend to exacerbate climate extremes such as heat waves and flash floods. The PUCS project, also known as Climate-fit.city, will translate the best available scientific urban climate data into relevant information for public and private end-users operating in cities across a range of different sectors.

The climate services are developed with regard to:

  • active mobility in Vienna
  • building energy in Bern and Vienna
  • cultural heritage in Rome
  • urban planning in Prague, Ostrava and Hodonin
  • emergency planning in Antwerp
  • health in Barcelona


ECCA 2021 - Climate Adaptation solutions video - Climate-fit.City


Past and future high-resolution climate data for the cities of Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Bern, Bremen, Dhaka, London, Mechelen, Prague, Ostrava, Rome and Vienna, can be visualized and downloaded in the Urban Climate Data Portal

The Urban Heat-Health Service available for Barcelona and London combines high-resolution climate data and mortality data. It offers insights in vulnerability differences across cities to identify populations most at risk.

The Climate Cultural Heritage Platform for Rome offers an Climate Forecast System evaluating the risks related to weather, heat, air quality and pollen for tourists at selected touristic highlights.   

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The consortium is composed of 14 organisations, including 6 businesses (T6, METEOTEST, INES, BIKE CITIZEN, GISAT, ARCTIK), 3 public bodies (ANTWERP, SSColosseo, ASPB), an NGO (IURS), and 4 research organisations (VITO, JOANNEUM, ISGLOBAL, KU LEUVEN).

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Published in Climate-ADAPT Feb 19 2019   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Dec 12 2023

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