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Coastal Communities 2150 and Beyond (CC2150)

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Coastal Communities 2150 (CC2150) is a communications project to engage vulnerable communities who are at risk from coastal change. It aims that these communities understand the long-term risks from a changing climate and shoreline.

Coastal communities across Europe face the prospect of rising sea levels, higher storm surges and increased erosion, flooding and salinisation. Coastal changes will impact all areas of life and construction of ever-greater levels of traditional flood defences are not always a realistic option, either socially or environmentally.

By looking at changes over a long-term timeframe, communities will be able to see a broad view of coastal changes, both positive and negative. This project will encourage local decision-making and allow communities to be open to developing their own responses.

Project information


Environment Agency (UK)


Hampshire County Council
Kent County Council
Agency for Maritime and Coastal Services - Coastal Division
Province of West Vlaanderen (Flanders) and ICZM co-ordination group
Alterra, Wageningen University and Research Centra

Source of funding

INTERREGV A 2 Seas programme, 2.9million euro

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