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Cooperation for disaster prevention and environmental monitoring in BSB (Co-PREVENT)


Co- PREVENT is a project for cooperation for disaster prevention and environmental monitoring in the Black Sea Basin (BSB). The project brings together institutions that aim to develop common innovative mechanisms for improving data sharing and cross-border information exchange systems on the environment and early warning within Black Sea Basin area.

Expected results of the project:

  • Analyses on existing Environmental Information System in participating regions;
  • Flood and fire hazard analyses with cross-border character in the target areas;
  • Joint group Disaster management volunteers in the Black Sea Basin region;
  • Cross-Border Environmental Monitoring System: Platform for PREVENT disasters in Black Sea Basin region;
  • Cross-Border Mobile Observation System in the border areas of Turkey with Bulgaria and Greece;
  • Flow Rate Control System in Greece on Axios and Gallikos rivers;
  • Flow rate monitor and early warning system in Kameno, Bulgaria;
  • Communication and control system of the early warning in Republic of Moldova.

Project information


General Directorate of Forestry Istanbul Regional Forestry Directorate, Turkey


Kameno Municipality, Bulgaria;

General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Moldova

ANATOLIKI S.A, Organisation for Local Development, Greece

Published in Climate-ADAPT Apr 14 2023   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Jul 13 2023

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