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European Lakes Under Environmental Stressors (Supporting lake governance to mitigate the impact of climate change) (EULAKES)

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The project aims to support the sustainable management of Central European lakes by fostering a combination of vulnerability and risk assessment, monitoring and participative planning. Through a transnational partnership comprising 4 Central European lakes of different characteristics and linking research and local communities, the project will integrate the conservation of sensitive lake ecosystems with different types of use (e.g tourism, agriculture etc.). To achieve this, the project will firstly support the development and implementation of long-term lake management plans which emphasize natural resources conservation, management and adaptation, secondly promote the sustainable management of the lakes natural resources through an innovative multi-stakeholder platform, thirdly build awareness among local communities and different sectors; and fourthly improve collaboration with other Central European lake regions.

* Update of the existing monitoring systems
* Implementation of an integrated approach able to link the most advanced available knowledge.
* Decision Support System (DSS) tool to link advanced scientific knowledge and local communities.
* Mitigation and adaptation strategies to support decision makers (catalogue of potential mitigation and adaptation measures).
* Implementation of pilot actions; Environmental governance

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Lake Garda Community (IT) Ms. Nicola Gallinaro


Lake Garda Community; The environment protection agency of Trento; E. Mach Foundation;National Research Council - Institute for the Electromagnetic sensing of the Environment (IREA); University of Pannonia; Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency (LBDCA); Austrian Institute of Technology; Austrian League of Nature Conservation Burgenland; Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW)

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