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Flood Resilient Areas by multi-layEr Safety (FRAMES)


FRAMES aims to reduce the impact of floods from increasing sea levels and extreme rainfall patterns to keep the North Sea Region economically and environmentally sustainable. Due to the effects of climate change, the impact from floods is likely to increase the physical, economic and social damage in flood prone areas. Traditional flood protection measures may become less effective and sustainable in the future.

FRAMES increases flood resilience by building on the Multi-Layer Safety (MLS) concept. In MLS different ‘layers’ of resilience (prevention, spatial adaptation, emergency response and recovery) are integrated to result in:

  • Flood resilient areas: improved infrastructure and spatial planning measures
  • Flood resilient communities: better prepared inhabitants and social stakeholders
  • Flood resilient authorities: reduced recovery times and increased response capacity

The MLS principles are being acknowledged by more and more authorities and practitioners across the North Sea Region, but not yet developed in a transnational way. The FRAMES partners are experimenting with MLS related concepts and will build on this experience to realise sustainable strategies and improve the capacity of authorities and society to cope with flooding.

The wiki area of the project summarizes all the relevant results achieved: the Policy recommendations, the Toolkit for the improved management of Multi Layered Safety (MLS), and other relevant information (infographics, videos, pilot site's descriptions and results, etc.).

Project information


Province of South Holland, Netherlands


University of Oldenburg,  Germany

HZ University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Kent County Council, United Kingdom

Danish Coastal Authority, Denmark

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management / Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands

Province of East-Flanders, Belgium

Ghent University, Belgium

Jade University of Applied Sciences - Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg, Elsfleth, Germany

Province of Zeeland, Netherlands

The Rivers Trust, United Kingdom

National Flood Forum, United Kingdom

Oldenburg East-Frisian Water Board, Germany

South East Rivers Trust, United Kingdom

The Tees Rivers Trust  United Kingdom

The Trent Rivers Trust, United Kingdom

Safety Region Zeeland, Netherlands

Source of funding

2014 - 2020 INTERREG VB North Sea

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