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Implementation of national climate change adaptation activities in Estonia (AdaptEst)


The LIFE-SIP AdaptEst project aims at improving Estonia's preparedness to adapt to climate change.

The general objective of the Estonian Development Plan for Climate Change Adaptation is to increase the readiness and capacity of the regional and local level of the state of Estonia to adapt to the effects of climate change. Climate Change Adaptation Development Plan sets eight goals based on the priority sectors of the economic and administrative structure in the Republic of Estonia (independently and partially combined) from which the implementation of five is supported by the AdaptEst project:

  1. Health and rescue capacity with the aim to improve rescue capacity and the ability of people to protect their health and property;
  2. Land use and planning, including coastal areas, other areas with a risk of flooding, areas with a risk of landslides, land improvement, towns with the aim to mitigate and manage storm, flood and erosion risks;
  3. Natural environment, including biodiversity, land ecosystems, freshwater ecosystems and environment, marine ecosystems and environment, ecosystem services with the aim to maintain the diversity of species, and create favourable conditions to the habitats and landscapes, but also to socio-economic ecosystem;
  4. Bioeconomy, including agriculture, forestry, fishing industry, hunting, tourism, peat production with the aim to achieve sustainability in important economic sectors;
  5. Society, awareness and cooperation, education and science, international relations and cooperation with the aim to raise the awareness and preparedness for risks from climate change.

Project information


Ministry of the Environment, Estonia


Tartu Ulikool, Estonia

Keskkonnaamet, Estonia

Tallinna Tehnikaülikool, Estonia

Eesti Maaulikool, Estonia

Sihtasutus eestimaa looduse fond, Estonia

Keskkonnaministeerium, Estonia

Riigimetsa Majandamise Keskus, Estonia

Eesti geoloogiateenistus, Estonia

Eesti Erametsaliit, Estonia

Eesti Keskkonnauuringute Keskus,Estonia

Eesti loodushoiu keskus, Estonia

Eesti loodusmuuseum, Estonia

Lynxland mittetulundusuhing, Estonia

Keskkonnaagentuur, Estonia

Keskkonnaministeeriumi Infotehnoloogiakeskus, Estonia

Tallinn University, Estonia

Tartu Jahindusklubi, Estonia

Published in Climate-ADAPT Mar 24 2023   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Dec 12 2023

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