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Influences of EU Forests on Weather Patterns (EU-forest)

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This project aims to provide an assessment of the influences of EU forests on weather/climate patterns, in particular atmospheric precipitation across the continent of Europe. To provide context, the project will summarise relevant literature and this will be synthesised with information from observation records and novel modelling experiments to provide a thorough up-to-date assessment. The objectives of the project are:
A) Provide a global overview of the impacts of forests on weather/climate patterns.
B) Propose and briefly substantiate the most adequate methodologies to quantify the influences identified above.
C) Provide concrete geographical representative examples of EU forest complexes having significant influence on regional or local weather/climate patterns.

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Met Office Hadley Centre (UK)


Met Office (UK), Centro euro-Mediterraneo per i Cambiamenti Climatici (CMCC) (IT)

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