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Innovation from catch to plate (North Sea Fish)

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The main aim of the project is to increase the innovative capacity of fishery ports and fish based regional economies across the North Sea Region by promoting the development of efficient, effective and sustainable logistics solutions. This project focuses on fish and seafood. The objectives are: a) Increase the innovative capacity of fish based regional economies by means of specializing within the wet fish supply chain; b) Increase the innovative capacity of fish based reigonal economies by means of broadening the wet fish supply chain; c) Contributing to the sustainable transition of fishing, by implementing concrete strategies, technologies and methods; d) Communicate North Sea Fish in such a way that other regions with fishery economies in (and outside) the NSR can benefit and take advantage from the outcome and results of North Sea Fish. The project explores new methods for the exploitation of fish stocks at Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) levels. The transition to these exploitation methods will contribute importantly to achieving Good Environmental Status in the marine environment. It also includes the evasion of affection of Natura 2000 areas in the North Sea. Fishery stocks are not only to be seen as an element of biodiversity, but also as a human resource. In this way, the explorations of new MSY methods contribute to more sustainable exploitation of natural renewable resources. A key element in this research is the adaptation to climate change and resulting sea level rise. 

sdNorth Sea Fish: Innovation from catch to plate is an Interreg IVB NSR project which started in September 2012 and ends in September 2014. Six regions from four countries around the North Sea cooperate in this project. The North Sea Fish partners and their stakeholders represent the entire supply chain from catch to plate.

In North Sea Fish partners will exchange experiences and expertise within and between work packages and share with other organizations and regions. More experienced partners will take the lead in specific actions, while others will create a new development area. Specific actions will be jointly executed by all partners, e.g. the forecast of future perspectives for the wet fish economies and an inventory of necessary steps to be taken for the change towards a competitive and sustainable supply chain. The outcomes from this project will form the basis for further action in the near future.

- See more at: http://www.northseafish.eu/about-nsf-page/#sthash.11QA1ghC.dpuf

Project information


Municipality of De Marne


Municipality of Harlingen; University of Hull; Municipality of Sluis; ILVO; Port of Hanstholm

  • Municipality of Harlingen

  • University of Hull

  • Municipality of Sluis

  • ILVO

  • Port of Hanstholm

- See more at: http://www.northseafish.eu/nsf-partners-page/#sthash.2bUCLoOl.dp
dfsdfsdfsdf - See more at: http://www.northseafish.eu/about-nsf-page/#sthash.11QA1ghC.dpuf
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Interreg IVB North Sea Programme

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