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Innovative, Collective, Adaptive Water Management (LIFE Local Water Adapt)


The objective of LIFE Local Water Adapt is to demonstrate a unique approach to local water management – collective adaptive water management (CAWM) – as an effective urban adaptation strategy. The approach overcomes existing barriers by creating a public-private partnership of local actors. CAWM has a larger and broader impact by targeting different climate adaptation aspects simultaneously (pluvial flooding and water scarcity) and to leverage scales of investment. Rainwater is collected, stored, and used to produce drinking water, while houses are equipped with water-saving technology. Greywater is treated and recycled and organic waste from toilets and food waste grinders is safely managed. The aim is to prevent any flood damage occurring through rainstorms of more than 60 mm/h and for rainwater to account for 45% of all domestic water use. The pilot location of Limburg has geographic features common to large parts of the EU and is ideal for demonstrating the efficacy and flexibility of CAWM. A replication project is planned in Belgium. 

Project information


NV Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg


Woningstichting HEEMwonen, The Netherlands
Gemeente Kerkrade, The Netherlands
Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg, The Netherlands
De Watergroep, Belgium

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