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Integrated planning tool to ensure viability of grasslands (LIFE Viva Grass)


Natural and semi-natural grasslands (NSG) are complex ecosystems that provide a range of ecosystem functions and services, which are essential for maintaining biodiversity and healthy societies in general. Loss of grassland biodiversity leads to the degradation and even total destruction of ecosystem functions and services, which would require enormous financial investments to provide artificially. The project aimed to prevent loss of High Nature Value grasslands and increase effectiveness of semi-natural grassland management by developing the Integrating Planning Tool. The tool, based on ecosystem services approach, helps to strengthen linkages between social, economic, environmental, and agricultural fields and policies in grassland management. Results of the tool help planning and decision taking in sustainable grassland management. The project also demonstrated opportunities for multifunctional use of grasslands’ ecosystem services as a basis for the sustainable development of rural areas.

Project information


Public institution Baltic Environmental Forum - Lithuania Contact person: Zymantas MORKVENAS; Tel: 37061472597; Fax: 37052135068; Email: zymantas.morkvenas@bef.lt


Pavilniai and Verkiai Regional Park Directorate, Lithuania; Private institution Baltic Environmental Forum-Estonia, Estonia; Institute for Environmental Solutions, Latvia; Farm Kurese Urmas Vahur FIE, Estonia; JSC Hnit-Baltic, Lithuania; Municipality of Ciesis, Latvia; SOVITES Farm, Latvia; Public institution Baltic Environmental Forum – Latvia; Otras Majas, Latvia; Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia; Directorate of Dubysa Regional Park, Lithuania; University of Latvia; Municipality of Lumanda, Estonia; Silute District Municipality, Lithuania

Source of funding

LIFE13 ENV/LT/000189; Total budget/expenditure: 2,751,426.00 €; European Union funding: 1,370,563.00 €

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