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INtegrating SEA-level Projections in climate services for coastal adaptation (INSeaPTION)


While future sea-level rise is recognized to be a major threat to coasts, sea-level rise related information currently available is not customized to the practice of coastal adaptation. Indeed, coastal managers require services tailored to users’ needs including full information on uncertainties, high-end estimates, accurate storm and flood modeling, shoreline change projections and relevant adaptation options within the context of current practices and governance arrangements.

INSeaPTION is a research project, which aims at addressing these limitations by co-designing and co-developing, together with users, coastal climate services based on state-of-the art sea-level rise, impact, adaptation and transdisciplinary science. The project will deliver coastal climate services based on end-users' needs and their decision and governance context, covering the whole chain of climate service development from global to regional mean and extreme sea-level projections with their impacts and uncertainties to local sea-level, coastal impacts and adaptation pathways.

Project information


French Geological Survey (France)


Global Climate Forum (Germany)

University of Balearic islands (Spain)

University of La Rochelle (France)

University of Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Creocean (France)

Source of funding

“European Research Area for Climate Services” (ERA4CS, co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union) with additional funding from the partner organizations

Published in Climate-ADAPT Feb 07 2022   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Feb 04 2023

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