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Life + A_GreeNet (Life + A_GreeNet)


The European Life + A_GreeNet aims to make the cities of the Middle Adriatic coast more resilient to climate change through the creation of green infrastructure (e.g. restoration, planting of forests and green areas, flexible solutions such as vertical greenery, green roofs, green devices, etc.) and by promoting the concrete implementation of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans. In particular, the project focuses on rising temperatures and heat waves. 

In order to achieve this result, the project has specific objectives:

  • to increase the quantity of green spaces through the common tools of urban planning, by identifying possible solutions to the obstacles that have slowed down or prevented the plans implementation;
  • to increase the quality of green spaces in order to enhance their capacity to set more favourable climatic conditions compared to the residential area; to provide shelter and protection to the most fragile population groups (i.e. children, the elderly and those living on minimum wages and incomes); to improve the aesthetic perception of the city; to encourage tourist attraction and socialisation;
  • in order to fight the thermal stress on natural or semi-natural habitats, the project aims to increase the resilience of the urban environment, air quality, health and well-being of people in denser urban areas by connecting existing green areas and providing for new ones, thus creating a structural and functional green network;
  • to develop a multi-level and multi-actor governance, strengthening the administrative capacity regarding the climate adaptation of all governance levels involved in land planning and management (Region, Provinces, Municipalities) of both public and private parties, who are also asked to collaborate in the management and design of green areas and to increase their responsibility and awareness towards adaptation measures.


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Abruzzo Region (Italy)

  • Municipality of Silvi (Italy)
  • Municipality of Pescara (Italy)
  • Municipality of Ancona (Italy)
  • Municipality of San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy)
  • Legambiente Onlus (Italy)
  • University of Camerino (Italy) 
  • Res Agraria s.r.l. (Italy)

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