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NATure-based URban innoVATION is a 4-year project, funded by the European Commission and involving 14 institutions across Europe in the fields of urban development, geography, innovation studies and economics. The project will seek to develop our understanding of what nature-based solutions can achieve in cities, examine how innovation can be fostered in this domain, and contribute to realising the potential of nature-based solutions for responding to urban sustainability challenges by working with communities and stakeholders.

Assessing the value and potential of nature-based solutions requires an approach that can take account of the multiple benefits that they can provide and the different criteria against which they can be evaluated. NATURVATION will develop an Assessment Framework that brings together different kinds of knowledge, integrates the contributions of multiple initiatives and assesses the value of nature-based solutions in relation to the goals of urban sustainability.

Six cities (Barcelona, Utrecht, Leipzig, Malmö, Gyor and Newcastle) are partners in NATURVATION and will convene urban-regional innovation partnerships (URIPs) with strategic urban government, business and civil society organisations. The URIPs will provide insights into the variety of ways in which nature-based solutions are being used in different urban conditions.

In addition to the six cities as URIPs, the NATURVATION project is conducting research on and study trips to six cities in Europe and six cities around the world. Findings and insights are available from Melbourne, Athens, Tianjin, Sofia, Edinburgh and Mexico City.

The Urban Nature Atlas contains almost 1000 examples of Nature-Based Solutions from across 100 European cities.

The NATURVATION project has produced 775 European Assessment Maps as well as a set of City-scale Assessment Maps on Malmö, Barcelona and Utrecht. The European maps show the potential of nature-based solutions to address climate change adaptation and mitigation across 775 European cities.


ECCA 2021 - Climate Adaptation solutions video - NATURVATION

Project information


Durham University, United Kingdom


Central European University, Hungary
Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungary
City of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Durham University, United Kingdom
Ecologic Institute, Germany
ENT – environment and management, Spain
City of Grimma, Germany
ICLEI Europe, Germany
Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde, Germany
Lund University, Sweden
Malmö City, Sweden
Newcastle City Council, United Kingdom
PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, The Netherlands
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Source of funding

European Commission, Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

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