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Stability and Variations of Arctic Land Ice (NCoE SVALI)

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The Stability and Variations of Arctic Land Ice (SVALI) Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE) is based on multidisciplinary and cross-national science collaboration. Integration of observations, process studies and modelling will be the backbone of the centre. The work will be carried out under three interrelated themes that aim to improve understanding of the stability and dynamics of the cryosphere, and the implementation of new and improved process formulations that have not been adequately addressed in current Earth System Models (ESM) before. The three themes of SVALI are "Observing the present - baseline and changes", Understanding the physical processes" and "Understanding present changes and predicting the future". A series of work packages (WPs) are defined under each theme and each WP is divided into a number of tasks to manage the research activities. To ensure effective use of Advanced ESM input and output and to coordinate development, a horizontal activity that integrates the three themes is defined as a part of the organisation of the centre.

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Jon Ove Hagen, Norway


Department of geosceinces, University of Oslo; Norwegian Polar Institute; CSC - IT Center forScience Ltd.; Centre for Ice and Climate NBI, University of Copenhagen; Danish Meteorological Institute; DTU – Space; GEUS; Dpt of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University; Norwegian University of Life Sciences; UNIS, University Centre in Svalbard; Finnish Meteorological Institute; Icelandic Meteorological Office; Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland; Arctic Centre University of Lapland (AC/UL); Climate Research Centre in Greenland; Norwegian Water Resources and Energy; University of Stockholm

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Toppforskningsinitiativet (TFI)

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