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Strategic development of flood management (STREAM)


STREAM is a transnational project funded by the Italy-Croatia Interreg Cooperation Programme that aims to reduce human and socio-economic losses in case of flood hazards, by developing innovative risk monitoring tools, early warning procedures and shared plans and data.

Sixteen partners from Croatian and Italian regions cooperate to enhance knowledge on the management of coastal and urban flooding on both sides of the Adriatic Sea. Partners will work together to develop risk monitoring tools and early warning procedures, with a combined bottom-up and top-down approach. Data sharing, exchange of practices and capacity building schemes will bring additional know-know to stakeholders in the project area.

Particularly, STREAM will set up a flood cadastre, flood risk maps and a flood risk management plan. Another key element will be reaching the largest possible audience. To do so authorities will organize workshops, info-days and events, to improve the citizen's readiness and rescue operations in case of flooding. In fact raising their awareness in order to adopt correct behaviors is essential to minimize losses.

Once they are achieved, STREAM results can be transferred and put into practice in other coastal regions facing similar problems.

Project information


Zadar County Development Agency Zadra Nova


CNR-ISMAR Institute of Marine Science

IUAV - University of Venice

City of Venice

Arpae - Regional Agency for Prevention, Environment and Energy in Emilia-Romagna

Polytechnic University of Marche

Marche Region

Public Body for the Right to Study – Teramo

Regional Strategic Agency for the Eco-Sustainable Development of the Territory – Apulia Region

Town of Poreč-Parenzo

Karlovac County

Development Agency of Lika-Senj County – Lira

University of Zadar

Dubrovnik Neretva County

Rera Sd for Coordination and Development of Split Dalmatia County

CMCC Foundation - Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change

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