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Strategic management of beach protection for sustainable development of Mediterranean coastal zones (BEACHMED, BEACHMED-e, BEACHMED-3)


Purpose of this project is to define technical, environmental and economic issues connected to the extraction of marine borrow sand, essential for the reconstruction and the conservation of erosive coasts. All Countries involved in the area of competence of INTERREG IIIB-MEDOCC, have lead research projects in this sector with varied levels of in-depth work and methodologies. BEACHMED proposes to conform to this innovative approach which touches upon the structural problems of the coastal erosion, with a whole of sectoral activities; these are developed through a network that privileges exchange of the data and experience between the partners of the western Mediterranean. One of the main objectives of the project is to define a potential market for sand nourishment for the reconstruction and the maintenance of the western Mediterranean beach basin.
The Beachmed Project is connected with two follow-up projects: Beachmed-e and Beachmed-3.
The main objective of the Beachmed-e is to pinpoint and improve technical and administrative tools for a strategic management of the coastal defence, in order to achieve a sustainable development of the Mediterranean coastal zones, by developing the topics already dealt with by the previous BEACHMED project . The project was officially launched in July 2005 and ended in June 2008.
The Beachmed-3 - Strategic Resources for the Adaptations of Mediterranean littorals to climate change (2010-2013) includes three main activities: (1) Analysis of the Mediterranean coastal territory and of its resources compared to the effects of Climate Change; (2) A Mediterranean Plan for the littoral adaptation to Climate Change; (3) Implementation of the works for the littoral adaptation to Climate Change.

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Regione Lazio


Conseil Général de l'Hérault (FR); Generalitat Valenciana (ES); Regione Liguria (IT); Regione Toscana (IT); Università degli Studi di Firenze (IT); European Dredging Association (EUDA)

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