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Sustainable management of the systems Posidonia-beaches in the Mediterranean region (POSBEMED)


Posidonia oceanica is a Mediterranean endemic marine flowering plant (seagrass) forming extensive underwater meadows which are important contributors to the bioremediation of coastal waters and shoreline protection. Posidonia residues (withered leaves, fibers and rhizomes) are regularly stranded and beached ashore, where they help reduce wind and swell wave energy and act as seedbanks for dune formation, increasing thus the overall resilience of the coast to natural and climate change effects.

This natural capital, however, is often perceived as an aesthetic problem, especially in highly-frequented tourist zones, experiencing various and sometimes destructive practices, even in protected areas with fragile sandy beaches and dune systems.

POSBEMED will look at the management, conflicts and opportunities of the Mediterranean coast, particularly in coastal protected and Natura 2000 areas where interdependence between seagrass meadows, dunes and beaches occurs, with a view to provide a Mediterranean strategy and governance model for enhancing management effectiveness of these areas and beyond.

Specific objectives are:

  • To identify and analyse the current management practices of Posidonia beaches/dunes systems and banquettes in Mediterranean countries and provide a socioeconomic evaluation synthesis of its ecosystem services.
  • Integrate and adapt tools for management of Posidonia beach/dunes in local sustainable growth and good practice guidelines for a holistic and integrated approach in conservation and management efforts.
  • To propose a model of governance and a common strategy for the management of Posidonia beach/dune systems in the Mediterranean Natura 2000 sites and other coastal protected areas.

Project information


Entente Interdépartementale de Démoustication Méditerranée (EID-MED, France)


IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation (Malaga, Spain)

IMC Foundation – International Marine Centre (Sardinia, Italy)

ECO-logica srl (Bari, Italy)

HCMR – Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (Anavissos, Greece).

Source of funding

POSBEMED is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund

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