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2014 Annual Global Climate and Catastrophe Report


This report evaluates the impact of the natural disaster events that occurred worldwide during 2014. It reveals that 258 separate global natural disasters occurred in 2014, compared to a ten-year average of 260 events, causing a combined total insured loss of USD39 billion – 38 percent below the ten-year average of USD63 billion, and the lowest annual insured loss total since 2009.

It asserts that this was the second consecutive year with below normal catastrophe losses. Notable events during the year included major flooding in India, Pakistan, China, and Southeast Europe; billion-dollar convective thunderstorm events in the United States, France, and Germany; winter storms in Japan and the United States; and widespread drought in the United States and Brazil. The top three perils, flood, tropical cyclone, and severe weather, combined for 72 percent of all economic losses in 2014. Despite 75 percent of catastrophe losses occurring outside of the United States, it still accounted for 53 percent of global insured losses, driven by a higher insurance penetration.

It reviews the 2014 natural disaster events and loss trends with: the global economic losses, global insured losses, global fatalities, natural disasters defined and total events and factors that drive weather loss trends. The second part includes a 2014 climate review of: the Atlantic Ocean and Eastern and Central Pacific Ocean hurricane seasons, the Western North Pacific Ocean typhoon season, the North Indian Ocean and Southern Hemisphere Ocean cyclone seasons, the United States tornado and wildfire seasons, the 2014 global earthquakes, El Niño/Southern Oscillation background, the Atlantic hurricane season forecasts and a 2015 Atlantic hurricane season outlook. The third part comprises a 2014 global catastrophe review and the appendixes report on: 2014 global disasters, historical natural disaster events, tropical cyclone frequency comparisons, tropical cyclone landfall data by basin, United States tornado frequency data and United States wildfire frequency data.

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Aon Benfield http://www.aon.com/default.jsp

Published in Climate-ADAPT Jun 07 2016   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Mar 10 2023

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