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2019 Monitoring Report on the German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change


Within the framework of the German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (DAS), the Federal Government is now presenting the second monitoring report in 2019. It informs the public and decision-makers in all areas of social life about the observed consequences of climate change. The message of the monitoring report is that the future has already reached us. Germany is in the midst of global warming, with far-reaching consequences for the environment, society and health. Urgent action must be taken to counter these consequences. 

This Report underpins the impacts of climate change with solid scientific data, at the same time as providing the public as well as decisionmakers in all sectors of society with information on tangible impacts of climate change. The 2019 Monitoring Report therefore represents an update of the 2015 Monitoring Report.

Indicators and measured data selected from the 15 action areas (Human health; Water regime, water management, marine and coastal protection; Fisheries; Soil; Agriculture; Woodland and forestry; Biodiversity; Building industry; Energy industry; Transport, transport infrastructure; Trade and industry; Tourism industry; Financial services industry; Spatial planning, regional and urban development; Civil protection) by experts were incorporated in the Report in order to demonstrate any climate-related changes which have already become apparent in present-day Germany; the Report also features any measures that were taken to counteract this trend.

The Monitoring Report furthermore shows evidence for precautionary efforts made at Federal Government level in view of increasing risks. The Report also makes clear that it is of vital importance to intensify our efforts in respect of protection from climate change in order to limit its impacts, at the same time taking action to adapt to climate change. This is essential in order to find effective ways of countering the unavoidable risks arising in ecological, social and
economic terms and to minimise losses.

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Report by the Interministerial Working Group on Adaptation to Climate Change

Umweltbundesamt (German Environment Agency)

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