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2021 WHO Health and Climate Change Global Survey Report


The 2021 WHO health and climate change global survey report provides a valuable snapshot of the overall progress governments have made in addressing the health risks of climate change. The findings on key health and climate change indicators aim to empower policy makers to: make informed decisions on the implementation of policies and plans; identify evidence gaps; and better understand the barriers to achieving adaptation and resilience priorities in the health sector while maximizing the health benefits of sector-wide climate mitigation efforts.

The health response to climate change is taking place within the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, continued environmental degradation and biodiversity loss, socio-economic inequities, and a chronic under- investment in health systems. This report, when possible, attempts to provide findings on these inter-related challenges.

The global survey report is based on a triennial, voluntary survey sent to all 194 WHO Member States and a small number of non-Member Territories. It is completed by ministries of health in consultation with other health stakeholders, ministries and institutions. Participation in the survey has grown substantially over the years. In 2015, 40 countries responded to the survey. This grew to 101 country respondents in 2018. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its demands on ministries of health, participation remained high in this third cycle, with 95 country respondents. 

 The 2021 global survey report provides an update to the 2017/2018 survey, and was published at the COP26 UN climate conference in November 2021.

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Published in Climate-ADAPT Jan 31 2022   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Feb 04 2023

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