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Adaptation to climate change on water resources project


In a country like Turkey which has a low contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions, but a high level of exposure, it is important to develop adaptation strategies that can provide resilience against the negative impact of climate change in cities.

In this framework, the General Directorate of Water Management has identified the use of rainwater and grey water and the concept of pricing water correctly, among the most important water management strategies to be developed against the possible water shortage in the future of Turkey. 

This brochure (in Turkish and English) summarises the main actions identified to adapt Turkey to the future climate change scenarios. Rainwater harvesting and grey water systems can save a great amount of water in domestic consumption. Full cost-based pricing of water encourages conscious water consumption and water sustainabliity. 

With the awareness that water is not an infinite resource and Turkey is not a water rich country, it has been concluded that these actions can be applied in every region of the country by establishing a cost-benefit balance.

In addition  to the economic benefits  brought  by the svstems, the ecological benefits these actions will provide for the adaptation of cities to climate change should also be considered. 

Published in Climate-ADAPT May 24 2023   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT May 24 2023

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