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Adapting to a changing climate in the management of coastal zones


This policy paper by OECD provides a comprehensive assessment of the recent and projected socio-economic development of coastal areas. It reviews the environmental pressures exerted by human activities on coastal areas, as well as the impacts of climate change that exacerbate existing challenges. The paper calls for a co-ordinated and well adapted policy response to address these challenges.

It is composed of two main chapters, the first one exploring the environmental and socio-economic value of coastal zones and the second one analysing growing climate risks in coastal zones (sea level rise, coastal storm surges, ocean warming and acidification, broader alterations in the hydrological cycle).

This document is part of OECD environment policy paper series that distil many of today’s environment-related policy issues based on a wide range of OECD work.

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Published in Climate-ADAPT Apr 15 2021   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Sep 10 2022

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