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Climate Resilience - Part of Electricity Security 2021


This report aims to support policymakers and other relevant stakeholders in preparing for growing climate impacts on electricity systems. It provides an overview of climate observations and projections; assesses climate impacts on electricity systems with real-world examples; describes the benefits of climate resilience; and puts forward measures to tackle adverse effects of climate change. More specifically, the report addresses the following questions:

  • What types of climate hazards will we face?
  • How does climate change impact electricity systems?
  •  What is “climate resilience” and what are the benefits of enhancing the resilience of electricity systems to climate change?
  •  Which policy measures can help to enhance climate resilience?

Starting with an overview of the possible impacts of climate change on the electricity sector, the report discusses the benefits of climate resilience for the sector, which go beyond the adaptation perspective and include improved electricity access and more effective climate change mitigation action through a smoother clean energy transition.

The report then proposes a six-step application process for measures aimed at improving the climate resilience of electricity systems.  The six steps are:

  • Assess climate change risks and impacts:
  • Mainstream climate resilience as a core element of energy and climate plans and regulations
  • Identify cost-effective resilience measures
  • Create appropriate incentives for utilities
  • Implement resilience measures
  • Evaluate effectiveness and adjust resilience measures

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This report is part of Electricity Security 2021, a flagship IEA initiative assessing all aspects of electricity security, within the Clean Energy Transitions in Emerging Economies programme, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952363.


International Energy Agency

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