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Delta Act and Delta Programme of the Netherlands

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The Delta Programme is a national programme and involves collaboration between the national government, provincial authorities, municipal authorities and water boards. The objective of the Delta Programme is to protect the Netherlands and its future generations from high water and ensure a sufficient supply of freshwater. The Delta Act constitutes the legal basis for the Delta Fund, which can be used to finance the projects of the Delta Programme. The Delta Commissioner is leading the Delta Programme. In the first stage, the Delta Programme included extensive research to identify the climate challenges and to explore potential solutions. This research has resulted in 12 recommendations to increase the protection level of the Netherlands and 5 Delta decisions. These decisions pertain to the standards for dikes and dams, the availability and distribution of freshwater, the water level of the IJsselmeer, ways to keep the Rhine estuary and Drechtsteden area safe without losing its economic value, and ways to take account of water in the construction of neighbourhoods and districts.

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