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European forest ecosystems - State and trends


Forests are rich in biodiversity and provide various ecosystem services such as recreation, water regulation or soil protection. Climate change affects biodiversity in forest – among others environmental, economic and social pressures. Increased periods of droughts and warmer winters weaken forests against (new) invasive species and pest infestations, particularly in northern Europe. Other climate-related threats to forest ecosystems are storms, landslides and forest fires. However, the interdependencies among forest ecosystems, climate change and other combined pressures are extremely complex.  

The EEA report provides a good overview on these combined pressures on European forests and offers wide-ranging information on the current conditions of forest ecosystems and ecosystem services under climate change. It also addresses ecosystem-based adaptation approaches for productive forests.

Open access to relevant data and adequate (scientific) information builds a sound bases for good decision making, and from that a sustainable development of European forests ecosystems.

Reference information

EEA (2016) European forest ecosystems - State and trends. EEA Report No5/2016 ISBN 978-92-9213-728-1

Published in Climate-ADAPT Feb 21 2019   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Sep 10 2022

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