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German Status Report on Climate Change and Health (2023)


This report provides an overview of the health impacts of climate change in Germany and ways to respond and build resilience, thereby paying attention to specific vulnerable groups. It contains three parts based on reviews by leading scientists. 

The first part focuses on the impact of climate change on infectious diseases. Topics include vector- and rodent-borne infections, waterborne infections and intoxications, foodborne infections and intoxications, and antibiotic resistance in connection with climate change . This first part also highlights the importance of interdisciplinary and intersectoral cooperation when tackling the challenges that climate change poses

The second part of the report focuses on non-communicable diseases and mental health. It considers the health impacts caused by heat and extreme weather events such as floods, the health effects of altered UV radiation, the influence of climate change on allergic diseases, and the linkage between climate change and air pollution and its health impacts. This second part also includes a scoping review on climate change and mental health .

The third part focusses on climate justice and health equity in climate change impacts and responses, targeted communication on climate change and health, and options for action, including success factors.


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Published in Climate-ADAPT Sep 08 2023   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Apr 24 2024

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