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Multi-Level Climate Governance Supporting Local Action


The study explores  how can different instruments for multi-level climate governance support the realisation of local climate mitigation and adaptation potentials.

Multi-level climate governance may be associated both with a decentralisation of authority (e.g. where there are substantial differences in local priorities regarding mitigation and adaptation measures), or a recentralisation of authority (e.g. where there are economies of scale). It may also take place in very different contexts — states where municipal authorities have significant autonomy, as well as states where local autonomy is more limited. No single instrument will universally improve the ability of local governments to implement climate mitigation or adaptation measures. This study therefore discusses examples of multi-level climate governance instruments and frameworks representing a range of different political contexts.

The study is placed in a global context, and includes local climate action governance examples within Europe. It discusses:

  • Dimensions of multi-level climate governance,
  • Instruments for multi-level climate governance, and
  • National frameworks for multi-level climate governance.

It provides recommendations for the improvement of local climate action by employing multi-level climate governance approaches on information and knowledge, finance, coordination and cooperation, and institutional capacities.

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Published in Climate-ADAPT Feb 19 2019   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Dec 12 2023

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