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The Swiss National Adaptation Strategy, entitled "Adaptation to climate change in Switzerland" was adopted in March 2012. The Strategy forms the basis for the federal offices' coordinated course of action for adapting to climate change. It is designed to contribute to minimising the risks of climate change, taking advantage of emerging opportunities, ensuring the protection of people, property and natural resources, and improving the adaptation skills of society, the economy and the environment. The first part of the Federal Council's strategy presents a summary of the most significant challenges in adapting to climate change at federal level in Switzerland (Ch. 2), it formulates the goals and principles for adapting to climate change (Ch.3) , it looks at climate change adaptation in key sectors; identifying required fields of action, defining goals and guidelines to reach them (Ch. 4), as well as the interface between them (Ch. 5) and further course of action for the implementation of the strategy (Ch.6). The forthcoming second part of the strategy will constitute the Swiss Action Plan.

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Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)

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