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Protecting health in Europe from climate change: 2017 update


There is continuously increasing evidence that climate change is taking place. These impacts of climate change as well as climate variability are well observed, be it heat waves and its increase in intensity, floods and fires as well as an increased distribution of vector-, food- and water-borne diseases. Climate change adds up an additional pressure on environmental and health issues, like air pollution, water quantity and quality as well as food safety.

Dealing with the future in the health sector also means to be climate-resilient in the future and depends on effectively managing as well as reducing climate-related risks and protect health. A first starting point will be the inclusion of climate change in national health programming and creating and enhancing climate-resilient health systems.

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WHO Regional Office for Europe

Published in Climate-ADAPT Dec 11 2017   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Apr 04 2024

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