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The Impact of Natural Hazards on Hazardous Installations


Natural hazards, such as earthquakes, floods or storms, can initiate events which may challenge the safety and operation of hazardous installations and trigger an accident. These accidents are referred to as Natural hazard triggered Technological accidents -Natech. The increase in frequency and intensity of natural hazards linked to climate change as well as the growing human expansion (industrialisation, urbanisation) call for improved Natech risk management. 

This brochure aims to raise awareness of Natech risks and the challenges associated with their management. Using examples, it highlights key characteristics of Natech accidents, and gaps and challenges in analysing and managing Natech risks.

It also describes the work and resources of some international organisations to support improved understanding of and resilience to Natech.

The brochure is intended for a broad and multidisciplinary audience, including industry, public authorities and practitioners involved in industrial safety and civil protection. It is also intended for the disaster risk management community as often Natech accidents are treated within the broader context of disaster management.

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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development - Climate Change

Published in Climate-ADAPT Nov 04 2022   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Nov 04 2022

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