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Climate Change Outreach and Communication Guide


The Outreach and Communications Guide is a tool to help local governments effectively communicate climate information to their constituencies. The Guide contains an array of steps and methodologies for communication and outreach efforts, as well as a compilation of best practices from around the United States. The Guide brings together important information on how to utilize effective communication avenues to reach out to predetermined target audiences, and highlights some of the best local government communication practices from across the USA. Given that communications are greatly affected by the cultural context, this Guide does not provide universal conclusions; rather, it shares good practices and provides inspiration for future communications and outreach efforts. The Guide can be used to create successful community outreach campaigns, reach out to local media, host climate action events, and develop materials that reflect local circumstances and inspire local climate action. Additionally, this Guide is a living document, so users are encouraged to share best practices via ICLEI’s interactive website which will help contribute to the evolution of this Guide. Although developed for the USA, there are transferable guidance and practices that can be used within Europe

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Published in Climate-ADAPT Jan 08 2018   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Sep 11 2022

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