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The Resilience Maturity Model


The Resilience Maturity Model provides a common understanding of the resilience building process. It treats the resilience to climate change as part of a broader resilience framework. Using the Resilience Maturity Model, cities are asked to consider their current status of resilience. The model then helps to identify the correct policies to implement in order for the city to evolve and move to the next maturity stage.

 The Resilience Maturity Model:

  • can  be used as part of strategic planning;
  • helps cities identify their level of resilience maturity;
  • helps cities to identify suitable policies to implement to develop resilience;
  • provides a point of reference for self-assessing effectiveness of resilience development;
  • helps cities prioritise resilience policy implementation on the basis of diagnosis and assessment;
  • can provide cities with justification for need for funding for specific measures.

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Published in Climate-ADAPT Nov 07 2018   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Sep 10 2022

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