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#KeepCool campaign

A range of risk communication, awareness and advocacy strategies can help inform communities and decision-makers about how to reduce health risks due to heat and hot weather, and how to adapt society to a hotter future.

WHO/Europe’s annual #KeepCool campaign kicked off in May 2021 with new resources, including short informational videos for use on social media and factsheets translated into many of the languages of the Region.

The campaign aims to increase heat–health advocacy and strengthen capacity to act effectively before, during and after hot weather to protect the public and reduce the burden on health systems. This is particularly important as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic compounds issues caused by extended periods of hot weather.

  • Keep out of the heat. Avoid going out and engaging in strenuous activity during the hottest time of day. Stay in the shade and, if necessary and possible, spend 2–3 hours of the day in a cool place while respecting COVID-19 measures. While taking care of yourself, plan to check on family, friends and neighbours who spend much of their time alone.
  • Keep your home cool. Use the night air to cool down your home. Reduce the heat load inside the apartment or house during the day by using blinds or shutters and turning off as many electrical devices as possible.
  • Keep your body cool and hydrated. Use light and loose-fitting clothing and bed linen, take cool showers or baths, and drink water regularly while avoiding sugary, alcoholic or caffeinated drinks.
  • Keep cool during the COVID-19 outbreak. Some people are more vulnerable to both the effects of heat and to COVID-19 complications. Vulnerable people might need assistance on hot days. If anyone you know is at risk, help them get advice and support while respecting physical distancing recommendations.

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